This startup will turn your lawn into a space heater

Google presents a cooler way… to cool your home. This not-so-new innovation is brought you by ‘Dandelion,’ a spinoff company and startup of Google. Dandelion uses energy from the ground to heat and cool your home. The product is called ‘Dandelion Air,’ and it uses heat from the ground to heat your home in the winter and moves heat from your home into the ground in the summer.


The concept isn’t new… however, the idea of geothermal technology also hasn’t been very accessible in the past. Now, Dandelion aims to give all homeowners the opportunity to use the technology by automating the manufacturing process. Dandelion Air is four times more efficient than furnaces and nearly twice as efficient as an air conditioning system.


But it will cost you… so, no surprise here, geothermal systems cost around $20,000 depending on the size of your home. On the bright side, the system could save you about 20% annually on heating and cooling. Maintenance on the system is minimal, and you could be known as the “guy who heats his house with his lawn.” Any takers?

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