This tech company is about to ‘make it rain’ (literally)

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This tech company is about to ‘make it rain’ (literally)

By 2025… two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. I know what you’re thinking – “pfft 2025, we’ll be living on Mars and traveling by jetpack by then.” However, a more likely future involves more depressing things like climate change, overpopulation, and yes, lack of water.

But don’t worry… because Weather Modification International (WMI) is here to save the day. The company uses ‘cloud seeding’ to “enhance” the precipitation process and get more moisture out of clouds. How does it work? The company’s pilots will target clouds with heavy moisture and inject a “silver iodide mixture.” The water in the clouds will condense around the mixture, become heavy, and fall to the ground.

Here are the results… Idaho Power, which serves 500,000 customers, invested more than $3 million with WMI to increase snowpack in Idaho’s highest mountains. Snowpack is packed snow that melts slowly and feeds streams and rivers as it melts. As a result, the cloud seeding program increased snowpack 8% to 15%. According to Idaho Power, that is enough to power an extra 60,000 homes and equates to $9 million worth of water. I guess you could say WMI can make it rain literally and figuratively.

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