Travelers really wants to be in your life

Another company moves to the dark side… that company being Travelers and the “dark side” meaning Amazon. Travelers is one of the biggest insurance companies, and now, the company has launched an Amazon storefront where you can buy discounted home security equipment. The offerings include cameras, motion detectors, water sensors, and of course, Echo Dots.


Buy a kit, get a discount… on your home insurance policy. Oh, and you also get a free Echo Dot if you are an insurance customer of Travelers. This partnership also makes for an interesting one as Amazon has reportedly been interested in getting into insurance itself.


Travelers is winning… because if customers are taking better precautions with their homes, there should be fewer accidents, right? This program also gives the insurer a better way to connect with new and existing customers. Travelers will also integrate with Alexa and anyone can ask for property maintenance and home safety tips. Not too shabby for an insurance company, eh?

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