Trick-Or-Treat: Stock Market Edition

Everyone is coming back… from vacation and going back to school, work, or whatever else it is people do with their time. We had a good summer…scratch that – we had a great summer in the stock market. But before anyone gets too excited, I think this would be a good time to look at what could be in store for investors this fall.


Trade, trade, trade… yes, the global trade war still looms large and could be devastating to the markets. If trade tensions escalate, it could become difficult for businesses to get the materials they need. If prices are too high, executives could decide to cut back on spending. Reduced spending would be bad news for the economy and could even lead to a recession.


But we’re okay, for now… because the S&P 500 is up 8% and the Nasdaq up 17% this year. However, September has been hard on investors in recent memory, and the midterm elections could add to the September woes. Summer was hot for stocks – but the fall could be downright scary.

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