Uh oh… Ford is making a break for China…

Not everyone is dodging the tariffs… or at least not one company and that company is Ford. Donald Trump tweeted saying “This is just the beginning. This car can now be BUILT IN THE U.S.A. and Ford will pay no tariffs!” to the company. However, we have come to find that such a reason wasn’t actually “the reason” for Ford building cars in China.


Americans don’t like… the Focus Active which is why it won’t be built in the United States. The model is expected to sell fewer than 50,000 units in the United States, so why not make the car where it will sell? That is what the car-maker is doing. Although, Ford won’t be importing any of the vehicles to the states because of tariffs – so I guess they are tariff dodgers after all.


It’s not just the Focus Active… that American consumers don’t like – it’s sedans and small cars altogether. To combat this, Ford is reallocating $7 billion of R&D money from cars to trucks and SUVs. It’s not just Ford, either – General Motors and Fiat Chrysler also plan to focus on the larger automobiles, as well. Who knew sedans were out of style?

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