Want to look like Ellen DeGeneres? Get to Walmart.

Walmart is partnering with… you guessed it – none other than Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen’s clothing line will be called ‘EV1’ and will debut online and at 2,300 locations. The collection will have around 60 items, which includes jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Even better, each item will cost just $30 or less (it’s Walmart, what did you expect?).


It’s all about the brand… and this brand is inspired by inclusiveness which is what Walmart aims to project. Well, inclusiveness and a better fashion sense. As a result, this partnership with a celebrity like Ellen should help Walmart attract younger and more diverse shoppers because the company now has even more to offer.


You would never consider Walmart… for clothing. However, the company has acquired Shoebuy, Bonobos, ModCloth, and Moosejaw. These acquisitions give Walmart (and you) premium clothing options as well as the good old store brand. It seems to be working, too – Walmart saw its fastest growth in a decade last quarter. And they looked good while doing it.

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