We can’t afford affordable healthcare

Health insurance is expensive… but how expensive? Try $20,000 for family health insurance coverage in 2018 expensive. That figure marks a 55% increase since 2008 which outpaces workers wage growth by double. However, one thing to be grateful for is that your employer pays for most of it – spending $14,100 on average. But we workers still pay around $5,500, as well.


Employers are trying… to make things cheaper, but that usually involves higher deductibles. But really, people are going to be pissed either way. 85% of workers are already subject to deductibles so the increased deductible will likely be very unwelcomed.


Other ways employers are “trying” include… limiting networks to high-quality providers which could lower costs. Other companies are offering coverage for telemedicine visits with providers. However, employees are also not too fond of the idea – only 0.51% in those plans reported using a telemedicine visit. It looks like it’s back to the drawing board for our healthcare system…

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