Weight Watchers is losing more than weight

It’s not about watching weight… it is about watching [your] health and wellbeing! The company still aspires to be the “vest weight management program on the planet” but also wants you to focus on eating healthier, exercising, and being more positive. Now, instead of Weight Watchers, the company will be known as ‘WW.’


Well, it is a start… to making programs more exciting and also more appealing to men (but they will still probably get made fun of for joining). The company now aspires to get you eating well, connecting with others, and enjoying life. So it’s more of a lifestyle than a diet program now.


Some of the new programs… include the Freestyle program which gives you more food options. WW has also teamed up with meditation company Headspace for some added wellbeing built into the company’s app. Shares of the company were up over 4% on Monday. Here is to hoping WW members remain small, but its profits grow large.

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