Welcome to the ‘Instagram Shop’

Now you can shop on Instagram… and that’s just what you wanted, right? Well, on Monday the company announced that it would be giving users the ability to shop items via Stories and on the Explore page – whether you like it or not! Brands can add one product tag sticker per Story, and the Explore page will recommend brands based on your tastes.


Shopping on IG is a massive opportunity for retailers… and Instagram for that matter. The possibility exists because over 90 million accounts already tap to see tags in shopping posts. The shopping features should also fit seamlessly with the app because people already use IG to get their fashion inspiration – you know, by stalking the people they want to be.


It’s called ‘social shopping’… ever heard of it? In fact, the new app feature is eerily similar to what Pinterest just started doing with its “buyable pins” where users can purchase the items they see directly on the platform. It remains to be seen, but Instagram may also have a standalone e-commerce app in the works. The world is getting closer to becoming one BIG advertisement!

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