What to do about these crazy tech stocks…

You may want to… part ways with the popular Facebook stock sooner than later. The company has been scrambling, and spending, to fix its past privacy and security mistakes which are coming at the expense of growth. Additionally, most tech stocks have shown vulnerability lately as interest rates continue to rise.


For nine long years… tech has been leading the charge for the broader market. Investors have been throwing money at companies that make little or no profit. But if we can’t blindly throw money at tech stocks, what do we do now!?


Maybe consider a new strategy… such as investing in value stocks that pay dividends. Many investors have been taking this approach and investing in health care, consumer staples, and utilities – things we can’t live without. However, this isn’t to say that tech stocks are through – they may very well be your best bet – but maybe have a backup plan. Or calm the hell down and buy-and-hold your stocks like a good little investor.

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