Whether you win or lose, the NFL wins every time

The real winner is… the National Football League. According to a study by Nielsen for the American Gaming Association, the league stands to gain about $2.3 billion in revenue from legalized sports gambling. Somewhere around $1.4 billion will come from increased rights fees, and the rest will be made up of ticket sales, advertising, sponsorships, and deals from gambling services.


This isn’t chump change… because the NFL brought in $8.2 billion last season. You do the math – that’s an increase of over 25% from sports betting alone. The theory is that more people will watch the games that they put money on. Now that sports betting is legal, we can expect more people will be betting and more games watched, as a result.


Here is where it’s legal… New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, and West Virginia – that’s it for now. However, other states are likely to follow suit before the year-end. Within two to three years the majority of states will loosen up and allow some form of sports gambling. So if it comes to your state, be sure to play responsibly – and never bet on the Browns (no matter how “sick” they look this year).

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