Why Kenmore is no more…

In 2000… Kenmore was in every American household (or it seemed to be), and it was available exclusively at Sears. Heck, other appliance makers would create their best products and sell them with the Kenmore name instead of their own – that’s how big this brand was. However, the brand has seen better days, and Kenmore and Sears have been all but forgotten.


Now, Sears wants… someone, anyone, to buy Kenmore because the company needs money. There is one offer – Sears CEO Eddie Lampert will buy Kenmore from his very own company for $400 million. The company is still mulling over that offer, although it seems like a disappointing one given that the brand was valued at over $2 billion just 15 years ago.


Sears is now worth… just $150 million, and interestingly, the Kenmore brand is worth more than twice that. So as poorly as Kenmore is doing, Sears is doing much worse. But if you buy a Kenmore appliance, you should ask yourself – will Sears or Kenmore even be around when this thing breaks?

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