Why Pizza Hut’s “Pie Top” sneakers are a genius

Domino’s has brought us pizza with… drones, robots, and reindeer. Pizza Hut gave us bluetooth-enabled sneakers that can order pizza and parkas made out of the insulation used in their delivery pouches. You may have noticed a few of these stunts and wondered what the point of them are.


Believe it or not… there is a method to the pizza-gimmick madness. Domino’s wants to make it clear that they are delivery experts – whether by car, drone, or reindeer. Delivery is vital to pizza chains because more people get pizza delivered compared to other forms of fast-food.


Not just built for delivery… Pizza Hut focuses on convenience with their “Pie Top” sneakers and zero-click ordering (open their app, and it will order pizza unless you opt out in 10 seconds). These gimmicks may seem stupid, but they are quite the opposite. In a world where most people don’t debate ‘Domino’s vs. Pizza Hut,’ these companies need to find ways to stand-out against one another. So no matter how dumb – they grab our attention (see, we’re talking about it right now) and get us thinking about the cheesy goodness.

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