Will BodyArmor become the new hangover beverage of choice?

Coke or Pepsi… which do you prefer? Well, now there is a less senseless debate you can participate in – Gatorade or BodyArmor? The clear choice [to me] is Gatorade. However, Pepsi is joined with Gatorade, and Coca-Cola just became the second-largest shareholder in BodyArmor. The third largest shareholder is Kobe Bryant. Good enough for Kobe? Now I am listening…


With their list of shareholders… it is possible that BodyArmor is going to become a player in the sports drink industry. The US market has been dominated by Gatorade forever, and they hold about 75% of the $8 billion market. It is possible we are all ready for a change.


Coca-Cola is already friends with… Mike Repole, BodyArmor’s largest shareholder. Repole co-founded Smartwater and Vitamin Water which were both purchased by Coke. We don’t know what Coke paid for this, but it was probably a lot. However, we do know that BodyArmor will remain its own brand and utilize Coca-Cola’s bottling facilities. It’s about time Gatorade saw some competition.