You look like you could use a ‘Handy’

It took a $900 phone bill for ‘Handy’ to be born. Although many of us have smartphones, using these devices overseas can cost an arm and a leg. However, Handy is out to change that. Handy is a cell phone used by guests traveling abroad that allows hotel guests to use 3G internet and make unlimited phone calls (and your limbs will remain intact).


Born in Hong Kong… this is where Handy began, and this is also one of the world’s top travel destinations. The device was initially available to rent at airports – now it is exclusively for hotel guests. Other features of the device include local travel guides, lighting and curtain control, and coupons. Sound helpful?


It proved helpful… because what was once a one-person show turned into 400 employees in 52 countries. The company is also looking to add more features to Handy, such as keyless room entry and express check-out. So maybe one man’s ridiculous $900 roaming charge is another man’s treasure? Something like that…