Your new car could have Google’s Android in it

Google is partnering with… cars produced by Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi to start putting Android in their cars. The alliance of these three automobiles accounts for 10.6 million vehicles sold last year. Now you will be able to see and use Android whether or not you have the phone.


Here’s what this entails… Google Maps, Google Play Store, and Google Assistant. However, don’t expect to see this soon because the technology won’t be installed in these cars until 2021. This move by Google is exciting news nevertheless because car companies have been known to develop their own tech to use in vehicles.


The automakers are excited… and said in a statement that the deal gives customers “one of the most intelligent infotainment systems in the market.” And now (or in 2021) you won’t have to worry about using your personal device to navigate, listen to music, or do whatever else it is you do with your phone on the road.

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