Pepsi wants you to ‘do-it-yourself’

Pepsi is looking healthy… and they are adding to that look with a $3.2 billion deal to buy seltzer-maker SodaStream. This deal is Pepsi’s latest effort to move away from high-calorie soda to healthier options. Apparently, the word is out that soda is unbelievably bad for you and you should not drink it – just kidding, we knew that, and most of us don’t care.


Here’s how SodaStream fits… with a soda company like Pepsi. SodaStream has always marketed themselves as a “healthy alternative to sugary sodas” which coincides with Pepsi’s goal of making [more] nutritious products while limiting their environmental footprint. Currently, Pepsi products are split into three categories: Fun For You (Pepsi), Better For You (diet Pepsi), and Good For You (Naked Juice smoothies).


SodaStream rebranded itself… as a sparkling water company, rather than a soda company. The rebranding paid off because SodaStream stock is up 320% since and now they have a multi-billion dollar deal with Pepsi. The deal has been unanimously approved by both companies and is expected to close in January. And if you aren’t seeking a healthy alternative, surely you will be able to make your own Pepsi with your new SodaStream.