Uber can’t go public without one of these…

Believe it or not… Uber didn’t have a CFO until today. That’s right – Uber has been operating without a CFO since 2015. But have no fear because Nelson J. Chai is here! Chai has experience as a CFO for Merrill Lynch & Co., and in case you didn’t know, Uber is going public pretty soon so this move makes a lot of sense.


They were very selective… as the ride-share company should be because it isn’t like there was a shortage of applicants. Moreover, Uber now has their guy, and he looks to be a good one. The new hire is also good news for the company because the finance department at Uber was hurting after their head of global finance left to play CFO at DoorDash.


The latest hire… out of several new hires to improve the executive ranks at Uber. The company also got another “chief” last week in former NSA official Matt Olsen. Olsen will be taking over as the chief security officer at the company. Talk about getting your $#!% together right before making the leap to go public.