Why can’t China get along with tech?

Apple has removed… somewhere around 25,000 apps from the App Store in China. This move is coming on the heels of complaints and criticism from Chinese state media. Last month, eported that the App Store was exposing citizens to fake lotteries and gambling.


Gambling apps are illegal… in China and they are not even allowed in the App Store. Apple will also have the task of removing apps and developers alike, as they will undoubtedly continue to crop up. Apple is the latest tech giant to fall victim to strict Chinese regulations and content monitoring.


Not even domestic companies are safe… and even Tencent, a large Chinese tech firm, had online games banned by regulators. This week isn’t the first time Apple has had to remove apps – in 2017, the company removed apps that provided VPNs to users in China. These VPNs gave Chinese citizens the ability to access things like Google… and you should know that Google is strictly forbidden in China.